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MC Escher Olive tree

Old Olive Tree, by M C Escher (1934, xylotype)

Rare Lynx has had a life of its own in many ways. It has been a true Odyssey, a personal journey of discovery full of lessons and hidden treasures. At the heart of it has been an appreciation of eating as a nurturing force socially, ecologically, physically, and metaphysically! We have learned that to understand a culture more deeply one must first understand its relationship to food. It has been the unique people who have befriended us along the way, the ancient echoes of sensuous landscapes, rich architectural forms and textures, and above all the cuisine which have fired our imaginations. We savor the moments of illumination while sitting around the kitchen table, or at an outdoor café on a beautiful piazza, or at an unassuming restaurant in a small out of the way village, or a picnic overlooking our land of ancient olive trees and the sea. There we exchange personal quests, dreams, inspirations, wisdoms, all elicited by virtue of a shared meal prepared with love. This is the oil and salt of living! Our work in somatics has been translated into a sensual exploration of epicurean pleasure, with the olive tree and the oil of its fruit our greatest teacher. We are frequently asked questions regarding our story, our experiences, and inspirations! We hope to answer some of them here. Thanks for joining us!

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