About Flor de Sal

DSC_2814A little about our salty story!

Our first experience of traditional salt pans was on the tiny island of Gozo, also known as the “Island of Joy”, the home of Calypso’s Cave in Homer’s Odyssey. These pools are carved right into the fossil filled rock formations along the shore. The pools are flooded with sea water and then the water is evaporated and the sea salt hand harvested!

However, it was in Portugal that we tasted the best flor de sal ever and discovered the magic that this “cream of salt” can bring to food! Please read below about the flower of salt!

fs_3ozFlor de Sal: “the flower of salt”

Did you ever smell sweet salt?

Rare Lynx is pleased to bring you this authentic PDO (Protect Designation of Origin) flor de sal of Algarve, Portugal, more familiarly known as fleur de sel or “the caviar of salt”. This is the very fine top layer or “cream” of the sea salt, which form into flower like crystals, and then is hand harvested from salt gardens, using a traditional technique which dates back to before Roman times, making it a true artisanal food product. It is in this fine layer that the majority of trace minerals are concentrated, and where the most delicate perfumes and delicious flavors of salt reside.

Use as the finishing touch to any food dish, to bring new heightened gastronomical experience to your food dishes. Because of its relative scarcity it is a truly rare product.

Let your taste buds blossom!

Saffron Flor de Sal

Saffron Flor de Sal ClothSaffron is considered one of the most precious spices the world has known. It takes 80,000 saffron crocus blossoms to obtain one pound of hand harvested saffron strands, the crimson stigma of the flower. Saffron imparts a brilliant golden yellow and unique flavor to food dishes. Our P.D.O. saffron originates from La Mancha, Spain, a renowned region for quality saffron.

We create this elegant finishing salt by paring together our exceptional flor de sal and this exquisite saffron of La Mancha!

A little bit goes a long way to heaven!

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