About Our Olive Oil

Sicilian olive tree

“These trees so fresh, so full, so beautiful; when they display their fruit, green, golden and black, it is among the most agreeable sights one might ever see.”   Miguel de Cervantes

Did you ever want to just drink olive oil?

multicolored olivesDSC_0011-002We have a true abiding passion for fresh authentic extra virgin olive oil derived from old growth olive trees. Our olive oil odyssey has taken us from the tiny Maltese island of Gozo, where we first discovered that, in fact, we had never tasted true olive oil, to the adventures and intrigue of owning a farm of ancient olive trees in southeastern Sicily where we learned the art of making fine olive oil, to settling in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal, surrounded by expansive landscapes of rolling hills, cork oak forests, and ancient olive groves.

fresh olive oilOur extra virgin olive oil derives from hand-picked estate grown olives of 50 to 300 year old Cordovil, Galega, and Verdeal olive trees, and has an acidity of .4%. It was awarded the 2012 National gold medal for P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) of Moura, Portugal. We are excited to bring you this exquisite “juice of the olive fruit” which is almost always exclusively reserved for the regions from which it is made.

There has been much written lately about the scandals and corruption associated with extra virgin olive oil, while at the same time a growing awareness of it’s essential goodness, and healthful benefits. We promise you the real deal!