Our Mission

“Black angels were flying through the sunset wind. Angels with long braids and hearts of olive oil.”    Federico Garcia Lorca

C and D Reston FestOur philosophy is that quality food experience is at the heart of quality of living; we call it the artful kitchen! You do not have to be a great chef, or gourmet cook to take the ordinary, and make it extraordinary by starting with the simple basics, true unadulterated, unprocessed, unrefined, fresh extra virgin olive oil, and the finest cream of the cream of sea salt. We start with these superior personally sourced ingredients, which in and of themselves will open your taste palette, and take them a step further by mixing them into sublime savory condiments, to enhance the delectability of any dish. By bringing together our experience of living amongst the olive trees and the ancient salt pans of Malta, Sicily, and Portugal, and their unique cultures of foods, with our own love for cooking and eating we have sourced and developed this line of Rare Lynx fine food products.

To your health and happiness!

Denise & Christopher Hyland

Rare Lynx

Bringing you real ingredients, which are truly rare.
Our products are hand bottled and artisanally prepared locally!

What is “Protected Designation of Origin” or P.D.O.?

Official logo of the Protected Designation of Origin designationProtected Designation of Origin is a status assigned by the European Union to specific products with specific regional origins, which preserve the traditional qualities of place, climate, soils, and production methods, affecting the particular and unique characteristics of the product. We are very proud to offer P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil of Moura Portugal, flor do sal of Tavira Portugal, and saffron of La Mancha, Spain. The ultimate artisanal local food products from our global village!

2012 Gold Medal Winner

our olive oil is a 2012 national gold medal award winnerWe are very proud of our producer Coteis Ltd. for winning the 2012 National Gold Medal for PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Moura, Portugal. We knew it was an exceptional olive oil when we selected Coteis as our source, and were pleasantly affirmed when the very olive oil in our bottles won this prestigious award! It really is saying a lot given that Moura has been renowned since Roman times for the quality of its  fine olive oil. In fact, there is a an old popular saying which goes “fino como o azeite de Moura” and is translated “Fine as the olive oil of Moura.” This refers not only to the olive oil itself, but also can be used a a superlative regarding the intelligence or elegance of a person! So we’re thinking we must be pretty smart! 😉

snailWe love slow food… How we support the local food movement!

In almost every kitchen you will find a bottle of olive oil and shaker of salt in the pantry. We support the local food movement by providing an authentic source for these “everyday” ingredients that cannot be locally obtained in your area, but are totally local and fresh from the regions in which they are produced. These authentic ingredients will make your local food products even more wholesome and taste by far more delicious!

Taste it! You’ll GET IT!