Getting fresh 2014

Dear All,

We are back from an extended stay in Portugal, missing some of the very hard weather of Virginia this past winter! It was actually very rainy and cool there, but the fields began to explode with color, a prelude to returning to Charlottesville for a very long awaited spring. With “our man in Évora”, Manuel Dias, as our gracious host, we had lots of time to visit, cook, and share great meals. One of the highlights was when he brought a 2 lb bag of truffles home which he bought from a farmer selling by the side of the road. And as always we love the wild asparagus which grows in the open countryside.

Then of course we got to taste with great expectation, the 2014 “pressing” of extra virgin olive oils from different regions and we’d like to let you in on a little secret:

Olive grove with sheep

Olive grove with sheep Moura Portugal

We still love our producer’s olive oil the best! 

We are making some important changes in our approach we’d like to let you know about. We have only a very few bottles of our award winning 2012 extra virgin olive oil available and are now shifting our attention to brokering bulk orders of freshest extra virgin olive oil on request. This means we will have a new look as well. Our olive oil will come in traditional 250 ml. cylindrical bottles with screw tops. Each bottle will be approximately $8.00. Our signature Thomas Jefferson hang tag will be included.In order therefore to make this superior truly authentic highest quality oil that you have all grown to know and love available, we must order a minimum of a full pallets worth. This necessitates that we receive pre-orders which add up to the total to fill a pallet. Should you decide you want a full pallet yourself, of course you will enjoy further savings.

Whether you are a retailer or cooperative, please consider placing an order for a full year’s supply.  True olive oil which has been produced with the highest standards has a shelf life of at least 2 years if kept under optimal conditions in cool dark storage. As soon as we have enough pre-orders we can make arrangements for our special order. At that point we will need pre-payment, and we will be good to go!

We will also be putting together pallets of bulk oil for those who prefer to sell or buy in bulk. Please contact us for further details if you are interested.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in the opportunity to participate in one of these orders!

Last year with our launch and our many outings at the Charlottesville City Market, wine and food festivals, fairs, and tastings, we met so many fascinating and inspiring people. Through these venues we accomplished our goal of getting the word out and providing thousands of people with the taste of what real olive oil can be.

Here is a lovely article on Portuguese olive oil!

And yet another recent article from Forbes on the great olive oil scandals.

We remain dedicated to our inspiration: the Rare Lynx is not Extinct!

We wish all our friends vibrant health and living!Christopher and Denise

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