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For love of an olive tree

It was love at first sight, once in the presence of her gnarly, twisted, silvery leafed beauty. For I sensed from her a divinity, a deep soulful wisdom, an unflinching rootedness, both hollowed and holy. And when she bore her

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Sold Out!

Rare Lynx is sold out of all olive oils and we know how much you are missing them too! We continue on our mission to carry the message of the wonders of true authentic olive oil to the world. Please

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Rare Lynx on Momondo!

We hit the big time! Our “Out of the Oven”  post for Arroz de Pato   is featured in “20 Mouthwatering Portuguese dishes you need to try!” on the beautiful blog travel site !     We are so happy that “Our man

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Getting fresh 2014

Dear All, We are back from an extended stay in Portugal, missing some of the very hard weather of Virginia this past winter! It was actually very rainy and cool there, but the fields began to explode with color, a

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Welcome to Rare Lynx!

Denise Hyland under an old olive treeRare Lynx has had a life of its own in many ways. It has been a true Odyssey, a personal journey of discovery full of lessons and hidden treasures, with food at its center. We are frequently asked questions regarding our story, our experiences, and inspirations. We hope to answer some of them here and share in our quest to bring you the very best for your table. Welcome! Thanks for joining us! Denise