Out of the Oven…Rare Lynx Pork Ribs!

meCall me Manuel…

I’m Portuguese and right now I’m writing  from my home town in Évora, Portugal to tell you about one of my delicious Rare Lynx recipes.

Its around 95 F outside, 1 pm, lunch time and I feel like a good piece of pork meat, a nice salad, and some lemonade…or a good Portuguese red wine, I’m thinking Reguengos – just look it up.

So, I’ve decided to go for it, and bought me a good rack of pork ribs at the local farmers market – we have great pork meat, you guys should try it. And to give it that special taste…well, nothing better than the good and exquisite Rare Lynx Wild Red Spread.

I wanted to add a sweet smokey flavor also, so I opened the door of my fridge and look what I’ve found!  Wildwood’s Hickory Syrup! I needed just a splash of it…

Yeah! These Virginia products are finally being used in Europe, and Portugal is playing a big roll in it.

Ok, are you ready?  By now you guys must be starving!

This is a very easy pork ribs recipe. Basically what you have to bear in mind is the quality of the ingredients you use to season the meat.


To guarantee that quality I’ve used a combination of Rare Lynx products and organic Wildwood’s Hickory syrup. The best products from Virginia…to the World!

Now, here’s what you’re going to need:

All you have to do is give your meat some slight cuts so it absorbs the ingredients. Now its time for the marinade.

Get a bowl and pop  all the ingredients in. Mix them all up and use your hands to give the meat a good rub with this marinade. Let it sit for 3 hours or more. After that, just put it in the oven 428F or 220ºC for an hour or a bit less if you like medium rare. You can grill it instead if you want.

fotografia3Simple as that!


Wow, you have no idea of how delicious this meat is! Tender, spicy, sweet…a mouth full of flavors!

By the way, the pot is traditional portuguese. We use these a lot to go in the oven.

I’ll be writing you some more recipes soon!

Hope you enjoy.

Greetings from the Rare Lynx man in Portugal! Bye!

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