Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival

DSC04494What a perfect day we had at the Heritage Harvest Festival last weekend. Not only did we enjoy the exquisite weather, but the view, the folks, and our fellow vendors! We were so busy, we weren’t able to get out much, but we especially want to mention some of our wonderful neighbors at the event, who have been a great  inspiration to us. We love the pioneering spirit, of each and everyone of them!

DSC04496Let’s start with our next door neighbors Wildwood’s Hickory Syrup, soon to be Falling Bark Farm Syrup. Joyce and Travis have discovered a  truly lost treasure, hickory syrup, made from the bark of hickory trees, and are working around the clock to bring this beautiful syrup to all! Who could have imagined? Christopher has been experimenting with blending hickory syrup with our Wild Red Spread to make amazing marinades.

Then there is Rachel Williamson’sFair Weather Farm beautiful home grown herbs, flowers, teas, and bark baskets, all produced on her little farmstead in Nelson. You go girl!

Relay Foods the most awesome online farmers market anywhere! These guys are brilliant. If you can’t make it to City Market this is the answer for you! Including ordering your Rare Lynx products!

Best of What’s Around with their highest quality grass fed beef, it is the best of what’s around! Tracey Love seems to be wonder woman between selling beef and organizing fund raising events for worthy local food initiatives through Hill and Holler.

Blue Ridge Pizza take after our own heart with their portable wood fired pizza oven, they are making the best pizza we have tasted this side of the Atlantic!

Then of course, last but not least, our favorite vinegar makers Virginia Vinegar Works, who make the best artisanal vinegars we’ve ever tasted, and the perfect companions for our olive oil! Steph and Jay, are another awesome couple who are producing vinegar drawing from Virginia vineyards and breweries, using a 17th century French technique.

DSC04489DSC04487We were also very pleased to have Rare Lynx Flor de Sal featured at the Grand Preview dinner Friday evening catered by the inimitable A Pimento.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table! We are already looking forward to next year. Please join us on Saturday September 28th for more tastings, at the Monticello Shop too!

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