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We hit the big time! Our “Out of the Oven”  post for Arroz de Pato   is featured in

“20 Mouthwatering Portuguese dishes you need to try!”

on the beautiful blog travel site Momondo.com !

Duck Rice

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We are so happy that “Our man in Portugal”, Manuel Dias, shared this fabulous traditional recipe with us and now we have been discovered. And lookin’ good if we do say so ourselves!

When we decided to move from Sicily to Portugal in search of an olive farm, we were worried about the quality of food we would find, after having lived where food is rated some of the top in the world. I have to say, we were spoiled. After all, Noto is home to Caffè Sicilia, which is renowned for its  exquisite pastries inspired by antique recipes brought to life by Chef Corrado Assenza,  considered to be thebest pastry master we have in Italy.”  But more on that another time. 


However, we were not only surprised but thrilled by the delicious foods of Portugal. We agree with Momondo when they say “Traditional Portuguese cuisine is among the most underrated (and most yummy) dishes in the world.”  Portuguese foods are relatively pure and simple. Momondo’s list of dishes is a lovely sampling of Portuguese specialty cuisine. And let us not forget the wines! Another much under rated product of Portugal, only recently gaining attention here in the States.

Particularly unique are their stellar pastries, largely egg based and out of this world delicious!


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Which brings me to the creme of the creme (quite literally), truly the gem of Portuguese pastries (pasteleria), and that is the  Pastel de Belém appropriately included in Momondo’s list, and that delicious looking, truly mouthwatering image at the top of their list. Pasteis de Belém is  one of the most famous pastry shops in the world, and one of our favorite pilgrimages to make when visiting Lisbon.  These delicate creme tarts are like no other, it is believed this secret antique recipe was created before the 18th century by Catholic nuns in the parish of Santa Maria de Belém, in Lisbon. The cafe itself is beautiful with its traditional blue and white tiled walls. To go there is a total gastronomic event!


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I also want to point out that the amazing Portuguese Arroz Doce (rice pudding) is included in Momondo’s list but with no link to a recipe. Well we can help you out with this. If only they had seen Manuel’s wonderful “Out of the Oven” post with this extraordinary traditional recipe, colorfully presented in Granny Lála’s Rice Pudding? This is like no rice pudding you have ever had, pure heaven!

Yum! Is it time to eat?

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