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Finding Rare Lynx!

To all our local yokels (you know who you are!), This is a reminder to support locally owned shops this season and always. And  in case you missed the “Give a Little Lynx Love” mailing last week where we gave you the list of shops

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Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival

What a perfect day we had at the Heritage Harvest Festival last weekend. Not only did we enjoy the exquisite weather, but the view, the folks, and our fellow vendors! We were so busy, we weren’t able to get out

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Thomas Jefferson’s Olive Passion

“The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven.”                                                            

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Meet Manuel Dias: Our Man in Portugal!

Some of you might have met our good friend Manuel Dias at the City Market or at the Edible Food Fest in Orange in the past few weeks! Manuel who has been our teacher, tutor, guide, translator, assistant in navigating

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Welcome to Rare Lynx!
Denise Hyland under an old olive treeRare Lynx has had a life of its own in many ways. It has been a true Odyssey, a personal journey of discovery full of lessons and hidden treasures, with food at its center. We are frequently asked questions regarding our story, our experiences, and inspirations. We hope to answer some of them here and share in our quest to bring you the very best for your table. Welcome! Thanks for joining us! Denise